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Morning Breath

Title: Morning Breath
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin
Rating: G
Length: 785w
Genre: Fluff, Domestic!au
Summary: Jongin is Kyungsoo's air.

The wind was blowing on his face? Kyungsoo thought, puzzled. He was sure he told Jongin to close the windows right before he dragged Kyungsoo down to their fortress bed.

The fortress bed which was big enough to also let fit in their little boy, Chanyeol, and some more. (They sternly told Chanyeol countless times that he wasn’t allowed to sleep in their bed lest he never left their bedroom.)

Kyungsoo's hand languidly crept up Jongin’s tummy, his arm, his neck to his mouth. Consistent wind blew from between his husband’s pursed lips, polluting Kyungsoo's breathing space.

"Jongin," Kyungsoo blearily whined, burying his face to Jongin’s warm neck. "Stop it."

The body next to him shifted slightly and a stronger force of wind blew on his nose. Kyungsoo crinkled his nose in disgust, opting to hide his face in the blankets away from the morning breath. Jongin let out a cackle, crawling over Kyungsoo’s body. He followed Kyungsoo’s wriggling figure down, down the bed, beneath the covers. He blew on his forehead - any part of him which was not covered with his hands.

Just as Kyungsoo was ready to leap out of bed to get away from the suffocating blankets and his suffocating husband, Jongin weaved his arms and legs around Kyungsoo.

"Jongin, get your gangly arms off my body," Kyungsoo grunted.

"I don't want to," Jongin says, snuggling his face to Kyungsoo’s affronted one.

"I need air."

"I'll be your air," Jongin whispers in Kyungsoo’s ear. He pulls his face back and Kyungsoo is too late to armour his face.

Jongin connects their lips and blows air into his mouth. Jongin pulls back and sucks more air into his mouth, ready to supply his lover with his ‘breath of love’ once again.

Annoyed, Kyungsoo bops him on the stomach. He scrunches the blankets in his hands, and pushes them all on Jongin’s 'love air con'. Hearing the muffled help makes Kyungsoo grin. He finally crawls out of the covers and welcomes the fresh air with a loud sigh.

"When I get out of here, I swear I'm going to breathe into you five more times and then I’m going to- "

"Why are you breathing into Papa?" A clear, curious voice interrupts Jongin’s sentence.

Kyungsoo snaps his head to the left to see his Chanyeol draped in his large comforter. His pudgy hands are wrapped around the oversized duck pillow they gifted him on Christmas. With hair messily fluffed, his eyes peek above the plushie.

Kyungsoo the spluttering to his right as he opens his arms, cooing at his baby boy. Chanyeol taps towards his dad with quick footsteps, excited to go in the 'cloud bed'. Kyungsoo hoists him up on his lap, duck and all.

Puffy lips pepper Chanyeol's face with kisses and mini raspberries. Another set of lips join in and Chanyeol screams louder and produces more gurgled giggles.

"I'm Papa's air, that's why I need to breathe into him," Jongin says happily, his hands tickling the sides of the little boy now sprawled on the white bed sheets.

"Is Daddy my air too?" Chanyeol asks with a confused scrunch of his nose. "Do you also need to breathe into me?"

"Jongin," Kyungsoo warns with a small frown. Jongin only gives a 'merong' in return, and pecks his husband on the lips.

"Nope, I'm only Papa's air because he'll die without me," Jongin says matter-of-factly, despite the expected squawk of protest to his right. "You can't let anyone breathe air into you because Papa doesn't allow it, okay?"

"Okay Daddy!" Chanyeol says enthused with this new information about his Papa.

He turns to Papa looking as strict as he can, and musters up his adult voice. "Make sure to always let Daddy breathe into you or else you're going to die and you can't do that because I'll miss your kisses."

Chanyeol clambers up his Papa's torso, cupping his hands around his ear, "Also, Daddy isn't good at making yummy, yummy food like you." He gives a quick look to make sure his Daddy didn't hear him, and after a 0.1 second glance, he continues on. "He also didn't feed Mae-Mae when you were gone yesterday, and Daddy also-"

Jongin grabs Chanyeol by the waist pulling him into his arms. Fingers tickle his tummy to replace his son's tattling with happy screams. Jongin sends a wink Kyungsoo’s way - although it looks more like an invitation for alone time rather than a playful one.

"We're talking about this later," Kyungsoo murmurs in Jongin's ear. He gives a well deserved nip on the lobe of his ear.

"Later after we nap some more," Jongin says, nipping Kyungsoo's plump bottom lip in return.

Tags: exo, p: kyungsoo/jongin
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