whiskere (whiskere) wrote,

Secret time

Title: Secret time
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin
Rating: G
Length: 544w
Genre: Fluff
Summary: "I have a secret to tell you."

Kyungsoo lies down on the cloud patterned pillow. Jongin knocks Kyungsoo's head with his to make space for his head on the pillow too. The blankets above them shifts every time a breeze enters the room, making it seem as if the fort was going to fall on them. Wispy smoke rose from the animal shaped mugs (a black cat with a pink nose for Jongin and a penguin wearing glasses for Kyungsoo) and dispersed in the air.

"I have a secret to tell you," Jongin says. Kyungsoo turns his head, accidentally brushing his lips on the other boy's nose.

"I have a few," Kyungsoo replied. He pursed his lips, looking at the shining eyes of Jongin which were similar to the kitten he placed on display at the pet store. His eyes looked at him to something akin to hope.

“I like dancing,” Jongin whispers, the words colouring his cheeks.

“That’s not a bad secret to have,” Kyungsoo whispers back. “You don’t have to keep it a secret from everyone, I’m sure everyone wants to see you dance.”

“Maybe some other day,” Jongin grinned. “Tell me your secret.”

“Do you remember that day when my parents went to their air supply concert, and I brought some brownies with me?”

“I remember them! The ones which had white chocolate and tasted really good!” Jongin’s eyes shined brightly, looking at Kyungsoo. “What about them?”

“I made them,” Kyungsoo said, timidly. He looks down at his thumbs resting atop his oversized jumper. As he speaks, he twiddles with his thumbs, both clambering over each other. “I hid the container under my jacket, on the way to your house. You know how my parents will just take over and make ‘perfect’ brownies themselves, instead of letting me make semi-burnt brownies.”

“I liked your semi-burnt brownies,” Jongin says, nudging his shoulder with Kyungsoo’s. “They taste better than the ones from the shops.”

Kyungsoo stops looking at his thumbs at war, and diverts his direction to a smiley Jongin. The smiley Jongin, with encouraging words and spontaneous actions. He stares some more Jongin’s way; his eyes trail from his shoulder touching his, up his neck, to the soft looking cheek and finally at his brown eyes.

He expects Jongin to let out a laugh and rub Kyungsoo’s tummy, like he always did whenever he stared for a bit too long. Surprisingly, Jongin didn’t. Surprisingly, Jongin stared back at Kyungsoo, only moving his head closer. He stared and he stared back.

Jongin then begins to rapidly blink his eyes, as Kyungsoo’s eyes stare on with concern.

“Aren’t your eyes dry now?” Jongin says, in wonder. “It’s really hard to beat you in staring competitions. It’s unfair, hyung.”

Kyungsoo blinks, processing the words. Blushing cheeks stain Kyungsoo’s face, the same shade as his lips, which were trying to from words. At the same time, Kyungsoo sends a small thank you to the heavens for Jongin’s simple mind to interpret long stares as challenges and not in anyway romantic.

“One day you’ll learn,” Kyungsoo laughs off. He faces the ceiling, trying to relax his body and his mind.

One day I’ll tell you another secret, Kyungsoo thinks. Just like this, under a blanket fort, with cookies and chocolate milk.

Tags: bruna, exo, p: kyungsoo/jongin
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